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Estate Planning

Many people think that estate planning is simply the writing of a will. They plan their estate because they want to control who will receive their assets after they die, preferably with as little as possible going to legal fees and taxes. A good estate plan will also protect you in the event of your incapacity. It will let you - not the courts - keep control of your assets, as well as control of decisions about your medical care when you can no longer handle your own affairs.

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Trust Administration

Trusts are not just for the wealthy. Anyone desiring to control when or how their assets are distributed following their death, should consider a
revocable trust.

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We can help you navigate the court system in a timely and effective manner. While probate is a clear and orderly process, it can be unnecessarily time consuming and expensive. In larger counties like Los Angeles, the process will customarily consume at least nine months, if not longer, and legal and executor fees typically are greater than comparable services rendered in the administration of a revocable trust.


We are always available to draft a Will for our clients. While in most situations a trust is much more effective than a Will in handling the disposition of your estate, there is still a benefit to having a Will. A Will may handle the entire disposition of your estate or act as a device to assist in gathering assets not otherwise properly addressed.

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Advanced Health Care Directives

We are available to craft an Advanced Health Care Directive tailored to your personal needs. AHCDs are not cookie cutter documents. In fact, AHCDs can be drafted to address your specific situation, needs, and desires.

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Durable Powers of Attorney

We can assist in the preparation of durable powers of attorney.  DPAs are not necessarily one size fits all. Each document is drafted so as to address the specific needs of our clients.

Business Formation

We strive to inform and provide our clients of the various options available to them when contemplating the formation of a new business entity. As a client’s business grows we stand ready to assist in the drafting and review of various formation and transactional documents including agreements relating to succession planning such as shareholder agreements.

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Charitable Giving

We can help you with gifts and bequests to your favorite charitable organizations. We are also available to provide guidance in approaching and interacting with local community foundations. We can also advise on Charitable giving sourced by your IRA among other vehicles.

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Our Courtesy to Union Members

The Kramer Law group has been serving and supporting Union members since it's inception from the AFL-CIO to UAW. Ask about our special courtesy to union members.

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